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3 09/23/2018 sfcchaz Komentarz

Well, I don't know what happened, but I must have deleted the photos I took with my camera. So for now, it doesn't matter that the link is down.

3 09/18/2018 sfcchaz Komentarz

The link to the webcam no longer works.

Can the CO determine whether there is a new one?

I will be in that area for the next few days.

I'll snap a photo just in case.

1 02/28/2017 chrispt Znaleziona

First OCNA cache for me and first webcam cache ever for me. I am in the black jacket in the photo.

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Nowegian Lady
Nowegian Lady

1 09/06/2015 rekomendacja DudleyGrunt Znaleziona


Went to Hampton Roads to attend the GCHR Mega and made Sunday morning run down to VA Beach to grab some alt caches.  Very much liked this one as much for the Naval Aviation memorial adjacent to the lady, as for her and the webcam.

You'll see me and my son, JuniorNimrod, in the picture.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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DudleyGrunt (L) and JuniorNimrod (R)
DudleyGrunt (L) and JuniorNimrod (R)