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1 09/26/2018 Lineflyer Found it

Day 5 of our vacation in Canada coming from Germany. After having arrived in Huntsville yesterday, we explored Algonquin Park today. Took a look at the visitor center first and then hiked quite some trails enjoying the views and finding some caches.

I also activated oc.us in my c:geo and it presented an unfound OC cache to me. Nice...seems I made the FTF on this one.

Thanks for creating it, it was fun to pose and capture the picture.
I am the one waving with both hands.
My first find ever on OC.us by the way.
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Lineflyer @ Algonquin Park
Lineflyer @ Algonquin Park

3 03/19/2015 Bon Echo Comment

Just a note that the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre Webcam Cache may be "unavailable" for a short while. Sometime in the last 90 minutes, the webcam was repositioned to focus on a moose carcass deliberately placed in the Sunday Creek Bog. I receieved the following email: "The moose carcass placed in the Sunday Creek valley off the Visitor Centredeck over five weeks ago was visited by an Eastern Wolf yesterday morning and evening, and a Bald Eagle landed near the carcass in the evening. Three wolves and a Bald Eagle have been feeding this morning."

I'm not sure how long the camera will be turned out, but archived shots from earlier today suggest a good number of visitors to the park over the march break.

Wish i was there.

3 03/14/2015 Sabrefan7 Comment

Great web cam cache idea! I have done two extended canoe trips in Algonquin park. They were both before web cams,, or the web for that matter Cool