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1 06/27/2011 sxrxnrr Found it

We were in the water doing other caches and made a point to stop by this one. Jill got out to look first but came up empty handed. I parked the boat and had a look for myself. Found the hiding spot and it took me a coouple of minutes to retrieve it. Great hiding spot by the way. We signed in and headed home. Cache is in great shape.


TFTC and bringing us here.

1 10/11/2010 kreamerandbearskrew Found it

We found this one Thanksgiving weekend while revisiting Rockwood for some terracaching and geocaching, and apparently, some OpenCaching as well Wink

What a perfect cache! Canoe only, cool caves, good hiding spot, and the fall scenery of Rockwood. Can't much improve on that:-)