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4 10/09/2017 yellow.warbler Skrzynka przeniesiona

  1. Moved cache to 
    N 48° 28.350' W 088° 49.578

1 09/04/2017 yellow.warbler Znaleziona

Made an account on opencaching just to log this cache.  I do like learning about new things... I shall poke around on this website to learn a little bit more.  Thanks for placing this!  Not yet sure what I will do with it.

4 08/28/2017 Bon Echo Skrzynka przeniesiona

Dropped into "GCH2AW Killarney - the Crack". what aview. 4 hour hike, 8km round trip. N 46° 03.692 W 081° 20.874


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Overcast view from The Crack
Overcast view from The Crack