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7 11/08/2015 Bon Echo attended the event

We were really interested to see these GIFF films, and the opportunity to see them in a real movie theater was a great bonus. Thanks simrebel for organizing the event, so glad we made the drive. Even found a BIT cache before heading back to Hamilton.
I raely will log a cross-listed cache on more than one site but decided I will for this event. Thanks simrebel for listing in on OCUS. It was nice to meet you.

7 11/08/2015 simrebel attended the event

simrebel was here November 8, 2015 6:13 PM and found cache# 4 2015 GIFF - HNAG goes to the movies TFTC simrebel great turnnout thanks for coming

8 11/06/2015 simrebel will attend the event

me and wifey  will be there 


3 11/06/2015 Bon Echo Comment

we may attend, still planning our weekend. Just want to see the movies, there's only a few options and all a bit of a drive from home. This ones sounds pretty cool being in a movie theater. We'll see what happens. It will be or two adults and 3 kids if we do make it.

3 10/21/2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

Wow. This sounds really cool!! I see there are a healthy number of attendees on Geocaching.com. Put me down for a maybe, I'd really like to be there. If I do make it, I will post again, and probably on that Froggie site as well.

3 10/20/2015 DudleyGrunt Comment