Wpisy do logu Oh CANNON MILLS, Where art thou??      {{found}} 2x {{not_found}} 0x {{comment}} 1x

1 05/12/2017 McCaching Znaleziona

Standing here with Micah_lee counting buildings and hoping we get it right.  There are some trees blocking some, so do I look around the tree and count it or say it isn't visable.  Also trying to remember which buildings may not have been here when this cache was set up.  Thanks for bringing me here and having me scratch my head wondering.  Probably over thinking it.  TFTC

1 07/18/2016 Deadpool2.0 Znaleziona

found it first virtual cache

3 03/06/2016 rvstauff Komentarz

Password fail.

Darn.  I can't count, apparently.

ZERO of two OCNA virtuals attempted!

I remember Cannon Mills.  The last time I was in Kannapolis, it was there.  This was the first time I have seen these buildings - VERY IMPRESSIVE.  What a change.

Thanks for the cache, anyway.

12 10/24/2015 DudleyGrunt Komentarz OC Team

Approved.  Thanks!