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3 10/19/2014 DougPeterson Comment

I checked on the cache today.  It is still there.

3 12/15/2012 DougPeterson Comment

I checked on the cache today.  Although there had been some work and changes in the area.  The cache had been left more or less in place.

1 10/23/2011 band of hawks Found it

nice cemetry. good hide. sl. tn,left tb. tftc.

1 11/30/2010 Cyclops Found it

Last night I got the urge to go out and find some OpenCaches.  Saw that there are several on the west side.  The weather could have been better as it was drizzling most of the morning.  I skipped several caches because of the rain.  This is my very first OC find.  Coords were off some and this container is more of a small.  TNLN  TFTC

1 11/25/2010 RogFel Found it

Our third first for opencaching.us.  We have a long way to go to catch up to our 632 firsts on geocaching.com.

Thanks for this nice cache. Once again the coordinates were fine and the cache was in good shape. We didn't go sightseeing at any tomb stones because for us Floridians the 40 degree weather was just too darn cold.

Thanks for the fun. Happy Thanksgiving.