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3 06/15/2012 Mr.Yuck Comment

Well, apparently I said do not hesitate to harass me, didn't I? So I got off my ass and went out there tonight. Correction, Dudley Grunt and Son never actually made it to the cache last summer. I can see why, brutal, man. Stinging Nettle, and weeds taller than 6 foot Mr. Yuck, even along the fence. Shockingly, I stumbled on a fisherman at Mr.Yuck's private beach. He was a trucker from Rochester on layover from one of the trucking comanies along River Road. He's cool, and is not going to mess with the cache. I believe it was indeed missing, but who the hell knows if I found the right spot in the summer, it was a November placement. I'm pretty sure I did. If that was the correct spot, I moved it about 10 feet. Thanks Borst, I hope you're going soon. It's quite the adventure. Oh, hint added, I guess it didn't have one before.

3 06/14/2012 Borst68 Comment

Was planning on hitting this one tomorrow after work.  Guess not if it isn't there.  Between DG and SF, one of those guys should have found it.  Another day...

3 05/02/2012 Mr.Yuck Comment

Hmm. I don't want to go all Navicache on people here, I'd better check this thing. Sort of forgot about it. It is in my Town, although at the extreme opposite end of it. Do not hesitate to harass me if I forget. I wonder if it has unlogged DNF's like a Geocaching.com cache that is possibly missing would. Tongue out

2 11/25/2011 Sabrefan7 Didn't find it

No luck here at all. I did find the US survey marker but thats all I could muster. I ran into Rayman today but he could not remeber where it was hidden. Did manage to find 2 other Opencaches today. Got a lot of miles in. TFTH 

2 07/01/2011 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

Just couldn't find a good way in.  My son got out with me this time, but (of course) he's wearing flip flops.  Maybe when I come back in the fall (hopefully), the way will be more welcoming.


1 03/19/2011 GOF Found it

Found myself near this cache with time on my hands so had to check it out. It is in great shape having survived the winter well. Looks like it was just placed today. Other than the signatures and dates that is.Wink


That was a great history on the bridges. I never have given them much thought. Thanks.


1 11/27/2010 Rayman Found it

After passing on the long hike on the other side of the border this morning, I figured I'd head out and find a few close to home. Boy am I glad I decided not to go as I was nearly frozen after the short 1/4 mile walk from my car to the cache. The wind definitely made things a lot worse. Had it not been for that, it would have been an otherwise pleasant day.

Anyways, this one took me a good 5 minutes or so of searching before I was able to find it. I had it narrowed down to two possible spots but just wasn't looking from the right direction. Nice job, as usual, pal. Forgot to bring my camera to get a picture of the bridge to log a visit to a warmark, but I can easily get that another time.

3 11/22/2010 Mr.Yuck Comment

Crap, I did actually notice I stepped in the sand, and left footprints. Mr. Yuck does actually have small, yet wide feet. I really only measure a size 7 or 8, but I wear 9 or 10 for the width. That's more information than anyone wanted, I'm sure. Congratulations, whatever you call yourself these days.

1 11/22/2010 Cayuga Crew Found it

For once I don't have to fib about being in the neighborhood of a new cache shortly after it was published and not really having to go to far out of my way to make the find.  You see this morning I was actually planning on heading in to Tonawanda, well really more like Kenmore, alright you cracked me actually Buffalo but pert near the Kenmore line to get a vehicle serviced and stop by Suzie Q's BBQ (Home of the legendary Piggy Pie) for lunch.  I left a few minutes early and made thes stop here following the instructions regarding parking and approach to the letter.  It took me a minute to let the coords settle when I neared the zero and while I was waiting to get a good fix I noticed these tiny little boot prints in the sand which led me right to the cache.  Now for a moment I thought some one else had visited here this morning but there was an empty log in the cache.  Hmmm it can only mean Yuck has itty bitty army boots.