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1 01/11/2015 sorahl Found it

It was a little too cold for catching today, but who has that ever kept from doing it? Thanks for showing me this monument.

1 11/02/2013 sfcchaz Found it

Well it was such a nice day and I had nothing planned so I decided to come to DC and grab a few caches. I ended up finding 6: 4 Terracaches and 2 Opencaching.us caches while logging 5.5 miles on the trek on foot.

I had a little trouble with the CC. The inscription in the dark marble was almost impossible to see with my sunglasses on. Even with the sunglasses off and 3 feet from the inscription, it was still difficult to make out.

After getting the required information I was off AND forgot the picture. Anyway be the time I remembered I was about 1,000 feet from the memorial, but made my way to a location that I could snap a picture. Sorry about that. TFTC

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pic from afar :)
pic from afar :)

1 07/06/2013 tripman1 Found it

After a capital tour I grabbed this one as well.  Thanks Dudley Grunt for placing these caches.

1 06/13/2012 k3iv Found it

I enjoyed finding this relaxing spot.  The metal plates in the nearby Constitution Ave. certainly do make a racket when cars drive over them.  It's a shame to have to have so much security these days!  TFTC.

3 01/03/2011 SoccerFanatics Comment

Since I found this cache when it was a terracache, not sure whether I want to claim it again as an OC. But it's an amazingly large monument almost completely hidden by surrounding trees.

1 12/26/2010 networkcacher Found it

FTF! I don't cache much in DC but even with the snow falling I decided to give it go.  The most challenging aspect of this find was the parking.  Most of the area seemed to be marked for special congressional parking permits.  I finally spotted a legal space about 400ft away.  If you're wondering if the bells ring, sure enough, at 1pm they gonged loudly.  Thanks for new OC!
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Snowy FTF!
Snowy FTF!