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9 05/27/2014 Sabrefan7 Cache archived

Cache was archived.

1 06/02/2012 Borst68 Found it

Caching on a cloudy/rainy day in ASP. Rain stayed away for the most part and the sun actually peaked through for a while.  Finally got around to this one.  Last time I was here I forgot to cound the steps.  I did it this time.  I took a picture from the top of the tower.  TFTC.
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1 07/03/2011 networkcacher Found it

Got pretty lucky with no fee to enter the park today and gorgeous weather.  I added this one to my list of must get caches today.  I needed several in NY and of course I always look out for OCUS caches too. 

A pair of love birds kept me from getting a picture up top.  I got the distinct impression I was interrupting something Surprised so I snapped a shot from down below.  Thanks for bringing me up here.

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Networkcacher at the ASP Tower
Networkcacher at the ASP Tower

1 05/17/2011 Cayuga Crew Found it

I was out wandering through ASP and recalled I never logged this virtual cache in any of its other formats. I remember drivign by here a couple of years ago and thinking about taking a photo to log it on terracaching or navicaching or whatever site it was listed on previously and finding a young couple so inpired by the view that their lips became fused together on the observation deck of the tower. Not wanting to be accused of "breaking the mood and possibly stifling what may have become quite a romantic event I just kept on moving. Today in the rain it was a different story as I had the place to myself. Here's the money shots......

Stone Tower coords

and anotherStone tower view

I always enjoy my visits here.

1 07/25/2009 Szuchie Found it

Wow...I found this a while ago. I'll visit this spot again (and again and again) as I do every time I visit the park. It's one of those cool spots I like to show people who don't know about this neat structure.

Anyway, it makes me laugh to see this one migrate over from TC. Maybe everytime an alternative site bites the dust this one can cross over...haha. I'll be logging a find on this one for the next 50 years. LOL.

Thanks again SF for highlighting this section of ASP.


PS: Here's my picture in link form because I'm too lazy to figure out how to get the pic to embed in this crazy log template. http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh67/Szuchie/DSCN1567.jpg