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1 11/21/2018 EoTwP Found it

With TBC! [:)] T4TC!

1 02/12/2018 facklere Found it

This was fun to look for. It was nice to be surrounded by so many people having a nice time while hunting but not having to worry about grabbing a container without being seen. TFTC

1 01/28/2018 xrayrepairdude Found it

Thanks for the hunt. 

1 06/08/2014 tripman1 Found it

i had my eye on this one for my next vacation.  It took a while to travel the 1800 or so miles but I finally got here.  Thanks for the tourist friendly and no park entrance virtual.

1 05/30/2013 USSTonyChris Found it

This was easy with the CO.


1 05/30/2013 Maryoooch Found it

Found this with the CO while at Downtown Disney!

1 03/15/2012 Rayman Found it

I've been watching this cache for the past couple months when doing research for my upcoming (now current) vacation and it surprised me that it hadn't been logged yet. Of course no sooner do I get here and I see it was logged a couple days before me. Oh well.

So I had an idea of where this would be based on my knowledge of the newer restaurants downtown. After buying my park tickets and grabbing some lunch, I made the walk over and found what I needed. Thanks for the virt.

1 03/10/2012 Cachew Knutz Found it

Thanks for setting up this first Walt Disney World virtual! We were visiting from Virginia and today was our last day before heading home.  We met up with cousins that live nearby and they showed us around and we showed them some geocaching moves.

We were inspired by this cache and set up our own Disney virtual at Epcot.  It is one in our History Knutz series and is called History Knutz: Innoventions.  Check it out while you are in the area!