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1 08/31/2010 zztl Found it

First virtual.

1 08/30/2010 itzajpthing Found it

Just checking out this alternative geocaching site. Not sure how I'll move forward with it so for now I'm using a alias. "found" this virtual from the desk even thgouh I've been there several times. Always interesting how some statues don't seem to represent actual photos I saw as I researched this.

1 08/24/2010 The Searchers Found it

This is the first find and log for us on Opencaching.  Hope to do lots more.  This was a very interesting site that we had not been to before.  Thanks

The Searchers

1 08/22/2010 CodeJunkie Found it

FTF at 3:30 pm (but logging at 7:00 pm).  I just drove past this marker again the other day and thought about stopping, but didn't take the time and figured I'd do it another day.  Well now I had a good reason to stop and take a good look.  The lakefront was full of people today, but this was an easy one to walk up to and get the required value without any trouble.

Nicely done.