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1 08/30/2016 Recommendation themulcher Found it

I was in the area and decided to grab a few smilies. My group of 8 included one cacher. Me. After making the hike and gaining the needed info,we headed back down the hill. Sorry I didn't have time to get the other one nearby. 

1 05/06/2016 boxerkid98 Found it

Wonderful monument dedicated to the Wright Brothers!  Loved the park and learning all about their endeavors.

1 03/30/2015 sorahl Found it

Great place with a very interesting exhibition. Thanks for bringing me here.

1 04/14/2014 Mr.Yuck Found it

Awesome memorial, great virtual!! I don't wan't to refer to the nearby one on Geocaching.com as lame or anything, but this virtual does speak for itself! I'm an admin for the website, by the way, and I'm very sorry I didn't get to another single OCNA cache in the OBX (most of them yours). It takes much longer (2 hours) to get there from Virginia Beach than I expected, and I had a later than expected start. I guess I'll just have to come back. Thanks for creating the cache.
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The kids with a long walk (and climb) ahead of them
The kids with a long walk (and climb) ahead of them

1 03/13/2014 TermiteHunter Found it

Finally here.  We have a local favorite cache in Charlotte, 12 seconds that changed the world, based on the events here.  

Had to find at least a couple OCna caches while in an area that has some that were not hidden by myself.   Thanks for participating in Alternative Geocaching.

1 02/17/2012 Great Scott Found it

Windy, but not too cold to take a walk up the hill to the monument.  Haven't been up here since I first moved to VA back in 2004. Thanks for bringing me back.~~GS!