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1 08/18/2012 flower71 Found it

Found this cache on the way home after the event today.

1 03/24/2012 TommyGator Found it

The pond was nice and full this beautiful spring day.  Parked in the convenient area, then spotted the cache which necessitated me approaching from a different direction.  This place was sure busy today too.  Had one of those awkward moments that you only see in the movies---I was writing in my log and asked Mrs T. what the name of the place was, only to look over my shoulder and see the seemingly 40-foot-long sign with the name emblazoned on it.


Mrs T. came with me to look at the foliage in the GZ---pretty nice place!  Thanks for the cache and to the property owners who gave permission for us to ply our hobby at their establishment!

1 09/09/2011 AgNav Found it

FTF @ 7:30. They were just closing the gate. The German Shepard was not thrilled that we were there. TFTC. SL.