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1 09/15/2013 phantom_309 Found it

We enjoyed this virtual cache today; we have been through here before but never really took the time to soak up the historical significance of the area. What a beautiful place with a lot to see. Stopping here was a nice break, thanks for bringing us here and thanks for the virtual cache.  Laughing

1 03/24/2012 TommyGator Found it

We had been to this location many times before, but never recorded the info necessary to complete this log.  Today we were back, enjoying the wildflowers, and actually found the building open!  That hadn't been the case before. 

This building holds particular significance for us, as we suspect some of our relatives actually attended school here (well, in its original location).  After taking a tour inside, I went across the street and had the pleasure of "jamming" with some local musicians who were quite gracious and entertaining.

After wandering around enjoying the wildflower ambience (and crowd), PirateKate and I walked over to take a "preview look" at a spot where a suspended cache is supposed to be---only to find out it was activated again sometime today----arghhh!

This park is one of our favorites---thanks for an additional reason to visit!

1 09/17/2011 StAggie99 Found it

Picked up on the way to go to Independence Fire Arms after the Burleson County Fair Parade and lunch at Mama's Kitchen in Somerville with Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.  I love climbing in the big trees in this park.

1 09/09/2011 AgNav Found it

It was hot today but we were enjoying ourselves. TFTC.