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2 05/26/2013 DudleyGrunt Nie znaleziona

Attempted this afternoon, but no luck.  Found part of another multicache, though.  Talked to some folks who had been working on an Earthcache about OpenCaching.US.

Hopefully, next time I come down.  I have family in Lakeland, so I will be back.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 07/01/2012 rbct109 Znaleziona

1 11/20/2011 networkcacher Znaleziona

Made a special trip to grab this OCUS cache.  I was in Tampa for an event and the drive to Lakeland was pretty quick so I gave it a shot.  Time was a little short so I was happy see the spot was nearly a park and grab.  For an OCUS box it sure has a lot of signatures in the logbook and for a little irony some geocaching.com stickers.  I traded for those and left a bunch of other swag to lighten my load.  Spotted a 4 foot black snake on the way out, sunning himself on the sand.  Thanks for the OCUS find in Florida.

3 05/04/2011 gladeslvr Komentarz

I just found out about this caching site...I like it!  I may try to find this cache this weekend if I get that far north in my adventures.  I wish more people woudl discover the different caching sites available instead of ONLY sticking with gc.com!

1 04/06/2011 Southern Traveler Znaleziona

I was caching in Lakeland Highlands Scrub Preserve and "accidently" stumbled upon this cache. I was not aware of this other caching site until I discovered this cache. I copied the information from the log book and here I am to log it. I see that no one else has found it since the FTF logged it. The cache is in fine shape - maybe someone else will discover it like I did. TFTC.

Cache on .....

1 12/26/2010 Borst68 Znaleziona

YAY!  FTF!!!!  In researching caching opportunities, I saw this one had not been found.  That made a trip to the Scrub a necessity.  This was the first cache of the day.  It was a nice and easy find and led to a great day of caching.  Thanks for placing this.  I really hope more Floridians get on the OCUS bandwagon.