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9 06/29/2018 DudleyGrunt Zarchiwizowana

Cache was archived.

3 08/17/2017 DudleyGrunt Komentarz

Sculpture was removed by the City of Baltimore on August 15, 2017.  As of now, if the base is still in place, you'll be able to gather the needed information and it is loggable. Simply take a photo with the base.

List of removed Baltimore Confederate monuments

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 07/18/2015 sfcchaz Znaleziona

Laughing FTF Laughing 1:20 PM. Well, on the way here I almost turned around because Artscape 2015 was happening right around this area and a lot of the streets were closed. But I went about half a mile north of this location and found some street parking. I made the round trip to this cache and one groundspeak nearby for a total of 3.18 miles in the hottest part of the day. But with the great crowd and stuff to look at, it didn't seem too bad. There was a live band right next to GZ that sounded pretty good too. TFTC
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sfcchaz at Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
sfcchaz at Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Band near GZ
Band near GZ