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1 11/19/2017 Long_Lost_Cacher Znaleziona

Found it while doing a group cache.

1 07/21/2016 intrepid dyad Znaleziona

Don't see ability to add an image. Have image on geocaching log for the challenge cache. Had to grab this one while here.

1 10/21/2015 Xero419 Znaleziona

I love this place. Very relaxing and almost surreal. I really enjoy the atmosphere. Thanks for bringing us back here.

1 07/15/2015 rekomendacja TommyGator Znaleziona

What a neat place!  Mrs T. and I made a stop here, gathered the required info, spoke with Jim a bit (a very interesting guy!) but couldn't look around too much because a lot of the paths were flooded as a result of the recent heavy rains.  Although this Virtual is complete, we will definitely be back----hopefully in drier conditions.  Thanks for introducing us to this cool piece of Americana!
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Entering the Temple
Entering the Temple