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1 12/16/2017 ithink314 Znaleziona

## ** I managed to get here shortly before dark, and will upload pictures for this and others soon. Someone left 3 bud lights remaining from a case/box on the bridge, but I didn't take any. It was another fun walk, and good views. ** ##

### **Thanks, sseegars, for setting this up!** ###

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End of Bridge with Date, smudged
End of Bridge with Date, smudged

1 11/05/2013 WallynSC Znaleziona

I needed to get out and walk in the woods and have some quiet time.  This was my choice, I have wanted to visit Crybaby Bridge since I first heard about it.  A good friend of mine has a video of a night visit that wuld blow paranormal experts away, hope he finds it.


The walk, the color of the leaves, the sound of black water running through the creek was the elixir I needed today.  Crisp cool air, blue sky and the gobble of a turkey far off, just what my body and mind needed.


Thanks for my adventure,