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I love the outdoors and spend as much time as possible scuba diving, backpacking and now geocaching.

Done a lot of backpacking - Yellowstone, Banff and much of the Appalachian Trail, and scuba diving - all of the Caribbean, Malta, Costa Rica, and of course Florida.

I am an applied statistician [that does not mean I get off on some of these mathematical caches] in private practice since 1993 and have never looked back at leaving the corporate world. I work out of my home. My wife, Lee, and I have 2 kids [boy & girl] but I am the only one who really loves the outdoors. Lee teaches philanthropy & financial development at Rollins College, Winter Park, FL and favors her academic interests in art history. She also teaches several humanity courses at Brevard Community College, Cocoa & Titusville, FL. When we travel we seek "odd" places that satisfy both of our needs.


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