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Just another happy Geocacher.


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102/11/2012 OU03A5  Holding down the Fort - Fort Blackmore
1002/13/2012 OU03B1  Horse Play - Feeding the Ponies.
2002/14/2013 OU05F3  The Dolly Parton Statue ~ Sevierville, Tennessee.
3003/01/2013 OU05FE  YONAGUSKA
4003/17/2013 OU0616  The abduction and escape of Fanny Dickenson Scott
5009/22/2013 OU06A5  Pound Gap Massacre ~ Killing Rock
6008/02/2015 OU0893  Cumberland Square Park Web Cam
7008/24/2015 OU08EE  Hillbillies were the first to make it.
8010/28/2016 OU0A32  Black Mountain ASRS 2 Radar Dome ~ PID GA3465
9012/12/2016 OU0A4D  Virginia's Last Confederate Veteran


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