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I'm active on the official geocaching and waymarking site. OCNA is just not active enough to support my interests. After over five years here and watching the site grow from the beginning, it looked like a nice listing service. Now with just over 1650 total listings, mostly virtuals and "Exclusive" meaning too close to another geocache or some other reason it was rejected by Groundspeak, this site is flooded with crap listings. I just got to the point that I did not want to be a member here anymore because of the Admins let's accept anything as a geocache, and I was afraid that the "Let's stick it to the Frog" was going to reflect back on me, and I'm a very active member on geocaching.com's site.


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108/10/2016 OU06F8 The Frisco Futuro


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102/11/2012 OU03A5  Holding down the Fort - Fort Blackmore
1002/13/2012 OU03B1  Horse Play - Feeding the Ponies.
2002/14/2013 OU05F3  The Dolly Parton Statue ~ Sevierville, Tennessee.
3003/01/2013 OU05FD  Death of Boone's Son
4003/17/2013 OU0616  The abduction and escape of Fanny Dickenson Scott
5009/22/2013 OU06A6  Francis Gary Powers ~ U2 Pilot
6008/02/2015 OU0893  Cumberland Square Park Web Cam
7008/24/2015 OU08EC  Osiyo Tanasi


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