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I've been geocaching since 3/30/10 and I found my first one in my little hometown of Snook, TX (pop. 584) along with my son. I've been hooked ever since! I enjoy scavenger hunts in many forms...caching, letterboxing and Munzee-ing.


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Most Recent Found It Cache:  OU07BD  (05/18/2015)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
112/24/2010 OU0055 Bourbon Steet Webcam
1011/09/2011 OU0360 Animal Tracks - Bear
2007/09/2012 OU04C7 Good For Your Soul #4
3007/11/2012 OU04CC A Guest Book at the American Visionary Art Museum
4010/30/2013 OU054C Infiltrator
5005/17/2015 OU07D7 OCNA Challenge Cache - They found it! Level 2


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110/07/2010 OU00EB  Downtown Snook
10003/29/2013 OU061E  Animal Tracks - Fox


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