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We are Chigger-n-Goat. One was covered in chiggers and the other smelled like a goat on our very first GeoCaching experience. Found Opencaching after reading an article close to Christmas 2013 and found it to be less complicated, appealing to the Anarchist in us and much easier to place caches on the web site. We like OpenCaching much better than its competitors and hope it survives and grows. Chigger is an RT and Goat is an MD in our professional lives. Cheers!


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Days Caching : 1 From Total Days: 2009

Average Caches Per Caching Day: 3

Most Caches Found In A Day: 3

Most Recent Found It Cache:  OU0567  (12/29/2013)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
112/29/2013 OU008E Odd Spots - Spaceship House


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The Latest Created Cache:  OU06E8  (12/30/2013)

Nbr Date OC WP Geocache Name
112/24/2013 OU06E3  Near the Woods


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