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Baltimore Monuments & Memorials

GeoPath details
Mentor (?)HelpMentorThe mentor is the person who created the GeoPath. DudleyGrunt
Completed 1 times
Scoring 40.05 Points
Number of caches 11 (0 / 0 / 0)
% cache finds required to complete GeoPath 90% ( Geocaches)
GeoPath type Touristic
Publication date 2020-06-05
Owners DudleyGrunt
GeoPath's description

Baltimore is nicknamed Monument City for its many monuments.


You may log as completed if you have found 90% of the caches (10 of 11).


This GeoPath is only a small sampling of those monuments.  Two of these were published in 2011, but the rest were added in 2015. At that time I sub-titled them all "Baltimore Monuments & Memorials", so they were all set to be turned into my first GeoPath - the first individually owned GeoPath.


You should be able to complete this in a day or on multiple visits to Monument City.  Hope you enjoy.


Happy Trails!


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