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Welcome to OpenCaching North America! Geocaching is about having fun outdoors while using GPS-enabled devices to find "treasure" hidden by other participants. Typical geocaches are small watertight containers that holds a logbook in which the finder can record their visit. The container may also hold small trinkets that can be traded. To learn more about geocaching visit our wiki pages.

This is the official OpenCaching site for North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) and all US Territories. This site went live on August 18, 2010. Our goal is to have a database of quality, unique caches that, once approved by the OC Team, are enjoyed and rated by YOU, the geocaching community. OCNA offers twelve cache types, including virtual, webcam, and moving caches. We also offer a number of unique cache types: BIT Caches, Guest Book Caches, MP3 (Podcast) Caches, and Benchmarks. The site is 100% free to use with no "regular vs premium member" functions or restrictions.
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OU0B89: By the 40 on 0202|2020
OU0B86: Welcome To Kitsilano! Webcam
OU0B87: The Maritime Museum
OU0B88: Burrard Inlet
OU0B82: Vancouver Public Library: Kitsilano Branch
OU0B5E: Sun or Rainforth
OU0B80: The Walls of Old Norbourne
OU0B54: Rendezvous
OU039A: RR Knutz: Dahlgren
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  • (2020-02-01) United States > Virginia
    Star DudleyGrunt:
    3184 / 76. Headed out with cycleangela today to hunt the SoMD CAMs, along with some TerraCaching and OpenCaching NA caches. This was our 6th cache and the first, after crossing over into Virginia and first OCNA cache of the day. We used an alternative parking location and made our way to GZ, where we looked high and low for the cache. With a little help from the CO (he basically just gave us the clue, that we were missing), we finally made the find. Then we were off to meet up with the Cachew Knutz family about 15 miles east at their VA Belle cache. Thanks and Happy Trails!