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History Knutz: Innoventions - OU03F6
Sometimes inventors are really just innovators.
Owner: Cachew Knutz
N 28° 22.437' W 81° 33.038' N 28° 22' 26.22'' W 81° 33' 2.28'' N 28.37395°  W 81.55063° 
Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Florida
Cache type: Virtual
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Date hidden: 2012-03-06
Date created: 2012-03-12
Date published: 2012-03-12
Last modification: 2017-11-03
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Description EN


Sometimes inventors are really just innovators.

Take Thomas Newcomen, for instance, or Johannes Gutenberg.  Newcomen is often credited with inventing the steam engine, and, surely, his contributions to its practical operation are significant, but he essentially built upon the work with steam of Thomas Savery and Denis Papin.  Gutenberg is often credited with inventing the printing press, but he merely combined a number of existing medieval products and technological processes into a functional system.  We would venture to suppose that most inventions could be more accurately described as innovations.

The strong confluence between invention and innovation may be why two large pavilions at Epcot in Walt Disney World are called Innoventions; there is Innoventions East and Innoventions West.  If you visit there, then beside Innoventions West you will find at the posted coordinates a circle with plaques set in the ground commemorating many important innoventions of the past.

And between Thomas Newcomen and Johannes Gutenberg you will find one of the most important innoventions of all time.  To record your find of this innovention, enter the password, which is the date of the innovention, exactly as it appears on the plaque.


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