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The Doctor's Hospital - OU0488
Doctor Who Cache #1
Owner: DudleyGrunt
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Maryland
Cache type: Multicache
Size: Micro
Status: Ready for Search
Time required: 0:30 h    Distance to travel: n/a
Date hidden: 2012-05-07
Date created: 2012-05-08
Date published: 2012-05-08
Last modification: 2020-06-07
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570 visitors
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Cache attributes

Kid Friendly  Wheelchair Access  Listed on OCNA Only  Bring Your Own Pen  In the Woods  Limited Hours 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

Hey, I'm a big geek and have been a Doctor Who fan, since watching Tom Baker (#4) on PBS back in junior high.  This is the first in what I hope will, eventually, be a series of Who-themed caches.

The listed coordinates will take you to the cache's namesake.  At GZ, you will see a sign.  The larger portion of the sign shows the name of the primary facility on this site.  The lower portion shows the name of another "sub" facility (white letters on blue background). 

Count the number of these white letters.  I'd recommend taking a picture of the sign for checking your work, later, and maybe to allow you to work on the puzzle without standing in front of it.

The final coordinates are N 39 AB.CDE  W 76 FG.HIJ

A = The number of A's.

B = The number of E's x 3.

C = The number of M's + K's.

D = The number of R's.

E = The number of L's + O's + S's + 1

F = The number of N's - U's.

G = The number of G's.

H = The number of T's + D's.

I = The number of I's.

J = The number of C's.

From the TARDIS Index File:

The Doctor sometimes expressed strong views about hospitals. In particular, the Eighth Doctor noted an aversion to hospitals, arising from his regeneration in Walker General Hospital in San Francisco.  The Tenth Doctor confirmed this displeasure with hospitals, saying that "they give me the creeps". However, he had an affinity for their little gift shops, as they clearly indicated where the hospital exit was.  (more)


*Depending on where you look the hours are listed differently.  The above, from the website, are the most restrictive.  The sign at park entrance says, "Park Closes at 11:00 PM".  I would recommend limiting your visit to daylight, in either case.

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Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
2 Final location --- Where you'll find the cache.
Additional hints
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Schrom Hills Park
New New York Hospital
Royal Leadworth Hospital
Albion Hospital
Doctors Community Hospital
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