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TermiteHunter XD - (GCGC) - OU059B
Moving Cache
Eigenaar: TermiteHunter
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Hoogte: meter NAP
 Provincie: Verenigde Staten > North Carolina
Cache soort: Reizend
Grootte: Klein
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Tijd: 0:10 h    Lengte: n/b
Geplaatst op: 2012-09-14
Gemaakt op: 2012-09-15
Gepubliceerd op: 2012-09-15
Laatste verandering: 2017-01-03
10x Gevonden
11x Verplaatst   0 km
1x Niet gevonden
7 Opmerkingen
watchers 4 Volgers
954 x Bekeken
2 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: n/b
2 x Aanbevolen
Deze cache is aanbevolen door: QueensGrantMusic, TermiteHunter
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Cache attributen

Stealth Required  Listed on OCNA Only  Bring Your Own Pen  In the Woods  Limited Hours 

Lees ook het Opencaching attributen beschrijving artikel.
Beschrijving EN
TermiteHunter XD is a traditional moving cache who patrols the Greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area inspecting cache sites for structural pests.  He has room for trackables or swag but does not contain any in its original state. Bring your own pen. TermiteHunter XD likes to hang around near exisiting caches and travel to other parts of the Greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area to check on those caches as well but prefers to check on them from a distance as to not be discovered by mistake.

When you find TermiteHunter XD, please log a find indicating you have picked him up.  You may move him anywhere within the greater Charlotte area (Mecklenburg County and its surrounding counties) but please place him within reasonable distance existing caches so that future seekers can also find the caches that TermiteHunter XD is checking on if they wish. Just ensure you don't place him TOO close that he is discovered by mistake. Once you have placed him, please log a MOVE stating you have done so and list the coordinates for where you have placed him.  It would also be helpful to list the D/T raiting of the new location so future seekers know what they are getting into.



Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club
This cache was created by a member of the
Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club

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