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Cheese Creek, or Fallen Heroes Redo - OU05DE
Owner: ithink314
N 37° 25.477' W 79° 13.790' N 37° 25' 28.62'' W 79° 13' 47.40'' N 37.42462°  W 79.22983° 
Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Virginia
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Regular
Status: Archived
Time required: 1:00 h    Distance to travel: 0.80 km
Date hidden: 2012-02-26
Date created: 2013-01-29
Date published: 2013-01-29
Last modification: 2019-02-15
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Cache attributes

Ticks  Snakes  Thorns  Bring Your Own Pen  Available in Winter  Poison Plants  In the Woods  Limited Hours  Stealth Required  Password needed to post log entry! 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN
WARNING: This cache has not been found in over 3 years, even on the other listing site. I'll check on it when/if I get a round tuit, but for now, you've been warned.
The logging passcode is on the laminated sheet inside the cache. 

I really enjoyed this puzzle cache when solving and finding it, and was sorry to see it go missing and get archived. It should be found more often than it was. So, a few "breadcrumbs" are added to this version, to make it easier to solve the puzzle, or at least to get the needed info'.

The cache should be fairly easy to find once you get the coords. From the park's parking, you'll go around the soccer field and follow the 2 other breadcrumbs to start into the woods. Other ways can work, but will be less direct.

There is, however, ONE MORE THING you will need to know. And that is: OH What would I think?


* * * Congratulations to The L360 Ninja for FTF * * *

(visit link) Original description follows:

Excerpts from a journal written by Merriam-Webster: 03 Sept 1865 - Whilst I sip on my ale, I overhear TWO MEN talking about "PRAYERS THAT AVERT EVIL SPIRITS" Either through my lack of interest or the effects of the ale, I somehow missed the rest of the conversation and now the two men were discussing a treasure they had hid, I wish I had been listening better now. I do recall them saying that this word could be formed to spell their occupations and that those occupations could be found at this place.

04 Sept 1865 - Oh my head hurts so bad and I don't remember too much of anything. All I have is this napkin that I took notes on, but of course half of the ink smudged from my glass sitting on it. Below is the notes from the napkin. I hope you can make it out and find their treasure.

(SMUDGE) - The word that can rearranged to form the two guys occupations. One is a (SMUDGE) and the other is a (SMUDGE). Both of them can be found here in a (SMUDGE). Using where they can be found at go to (SMUDGE) Street.

Drive down the said street,
A guy you will be bound to meet;
Don't drive by,
yet count the steps from low to high!! ._ _ _

Take this number and subtract from the above North and West coordinates.

The Treasure Awaits You!!!!


Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Parking area N 37° 25.176'
W 79° 13.775'
Peaks View Park, Ivy Creek Lane Entrance
2 Virtual point N 37° 25.316'
W 79° 13.662'
Hill Edge
3 Virtual point N 37° 25.324'
W 79° 13.660'
Natural gate
4 Physical point N 37° 24.858'
W 79° 08.596'
Steps from low to high
5 Final location --- Final
Additional hints

Cnexvat Ybpngvba - Ng n cnex!!!
Gur jbeq lbh ner ybbxvat sbe vf QRCERPNGVBAF

Jung vf zl avpxanzr?

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