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M296 is Lost, but not Forgotten - OU00BA
Find NGS Benchmark FA4610 to solve puzzle, cache near lost Azimuth mark.
Besitzer: JIJeffreys
N 35° 07.032' W 80° 40.399' N 35° 07' 1.92'' W 80° 40' 23.94'' N 35.11720°  W 80.67332° 
Höhe: m ü. NHN
 Region: Vereinigte Staaten > North Carolina
Cacheart: Multicache
Größe: Normal
Status: Kann gesucht werden
Versteckt am: 2008-12-10
Erstellt am: 2010-09-17
Veröffentlicht am: 2010-09-17
Zuletzt geändert am: 2010-09-17
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watchers 1 Beobachter
433 Aufrufe
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Beschreibung EN

This cache has been placed near the former location of Benchmark FA4503. This benchmark was a City of Charlotte GPS Survey Marker stamped 296. It was the azimuth marker for M-096 (FA4610). They were set as a pair, so that surveyors could occupy one, and use the other as a reference direction to determine other directions. It was destroyed when I-485 was built, and Phillips Road was rerouted. As a bonus, you can log a find for benchmark FA4610 (on another site) while you are here.

The posted coordinate is for Benchmark FA4610, (listed on the other site). The datasheet with coordinates and description of this benchmark is in the National Geodetic Survey database located at:

There is parking nearby for the church and cemetery. The benchmark is flush with the ground. No digging required. Be respectful of the nearby cemetery.

Find the benchmark FA4610 and observe the aluminum marker.

There are two numbers, each with three digits.

The number closer to the center of the marker is AAA.

The number along the bottom is BBB.

To obtain the cache coordinates: BBB+198=nnn  and  AAA-002=www

The cache is located at: N 35^ 06.nnn'  W 080^ 40.www'

The cache is a regular size ammo can.

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