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Higher Ground - OU077D
Don't worry, it's a FIELD PUZZLE.
Owner: DudleyGrunt
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Maryland
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Regular
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 2016-03-16
Date created: 2014-09-02
Date published: 2016-03-16
Last modification: 2020-06-07
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4 notes
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516 visitors
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Cache attributes

Poison Plants  Snakes  Ticks  Thorns  Listed on OCNA Only  In the Woods  Munzee  Limited Hours 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

While placing a Munzee recently, I spotted two oddly unused pieces of land.  One was a gated off parking lot and the other was a parcel that I assume had been planned for a building that was never built.  I explored a little and discovered why.  I thought you might like to visit, too.

Please only plan to visit either stage during daylight hours.  There are no specific signs posted, but I think it would be best.

I am suggesting parking coords for the beginning, but use your own judgement.  I think it they are the safest and most reasonable, but they probably belong to the nearby business.  You could also park along the street and just walk a little farther.  I have found it easiest to start your climb near the large green electric box at the corner of the building.

This is a FIELD PUZZLE.  Once at the listed coordinates, you will need to search for some large markers and gather the required information and then calculate the final coordinates.  The container will be just a short walk or drive away.

The final cache location is...

W 76 VW.XYZ.

A = last digit in the year of birth of Bessie B. Beall (188A)
B = third digit in the year of death of Charles G Haslup (18B6)
C = the second digit of the date of birth of Charles S Burns (Dec. 1C)
D = final digit of the year of birth of Ester M Haslup (184D)
E = third digit of the year of birth of James P Haslup (18E5)

V = final digit of the year of death of Laura K Haslup (195V)
W = final digit of the year of birth of Annie G Haslup (185W)
X = final digit of the year of death of Sarah E Haslup (192X)
Y = third digit of the year of birth of J Edwin Haslup (18Y9)
Z = final digit of the year of birth of William E Beall (187Z)

Take this information and head to the final.  Where should you park for the final?

N 39 AE.A(C-D)(2*X)
W 76 VW.X(Y/V)(B-1) 

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Additional waypoints
Stage Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Parking area --- Possible parking place. Use your own judgement.
Parking area --- Parking for final.
N 39 AE.A(C-D)(2*X)
W 76 VW.X(Y/V)(B-1)
2 Final location --- Final location to solve for.
Additional hints
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