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Ceres - OU0787
Ceres is considered a dwarf planet and is located in the Asteroid Belt. The only one in the inner solar system.
Właściciel: sfcchaz
N 39° 08.647' W 76° 36.656' N 39° 08' 38.82'' W 76° 36' 39.36'' N 39.14412°  W 76.61093° 
Wysokość: m n.p.m.
 Województwo: USA > Maryland
Typ skrzynki: No translation available (id: )
Wielkość: Bez pojemnika
Status: Zarchiwizowana
Data ukrycia: 2014-09-21
Data utworzenia: 2014-09-21
Data opublikowania: 2014-09-21
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 2019-05-19
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Opis EN

This cache can be a stand alone cache or part of the planetary trail that I have created over the years. There is no specific marker for the asteroid belt, but I believe the location suits it almost perfectly. Both by location in reference to the rest of the solar system and also because of the man made feature here. If you are traveling from the north you will find the cache just a few feet before the belt. If traveling from the south, please be sure to stop as required or you may get struck by a psuedo asteroid. I took a little liberty there, but hopefully it does make sense when you're there.

The B&A Trail is a park and is open from dawn to dusk (notice the limited hour attribute). Wink

The B&A Trail is about 14 miles long and paved with asphalt. It parallels MD Route 2 most of its length. There is a connector at the northern end to put you on the BWI Trail which circles BWI Airport. The B&A Trail is a very popular trail for walkers, runners, inline skating and bicycling. I walk/run a portion of it for exercise starting at the Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie.

Parking is available very near the cache, but if you're doing other caches on this trail, I suggest parking at the lot adjacent to Sol and grab the close in planets or at Marley Station Mall. Mall security gets a little jumpy if you park in the vacant lot at the north end of the mall. Best to park by JC Penny and grab: One Large Gas Bubble and One Large Red Dot at the same time on the way to this one. Although they are in opposite directions from JC Penny. Regardless, you will have to make a circle where ever you choose to park. Remember to bring a camera or something to write with.

Please stay on the trail. You will find the cache just off of the trail.

You must physically visit this location to take credit for this cache.

The confimation code is at the bottom of the BIT cache itself. Please leave it the way you found it. Thanks!

Dodatkowe informacje

erne bs ynetr ornz ng abegu rnfg raq

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