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Owasso Shalom Clothing Optional Cache - OU0852
A cache hidden in an established clothing optional area
Owner: kw4gt
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Florida
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Regular
Status: Ready for Search
Time required: n/a    Distance to travel: 0.15 km
Date hidden: 2015-06-24
Date created: 2015-06-24
Date published: 2015-06-24
Last modification: 2015-06-25
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Cache attributes

Available in Winter  Snakes 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

Yes, You can CACHE NAKED!

Owasso is a Cherokee word meaning "the end", or "the turn-around". It has been used to mean "remote" or "boondocks". Shalom is Hebrew for "peace". The cache itself is an ammo can at the farthest end of our property, and it can get awful dang-ed peaceful out there with the county nature preserve wrapped around it and all.

One cacher recently said "WOW it is quiet out here! Beautiful property and I could have sat there and enjoyed the view and sounds all day long. Karen and I took some photos, enjoyed the scenery and made our way back to the changing room." Take your time to enjoy this one. Bring a picnic lunch if you like.

Work on that "all over tan" (but don't overdo it).

Don't worry if the driveway gate is closed. We work/sleep and come and go at odd times. There may or may not be anyone there at any given time, but there is a walk-thru on the right side of the gate, specifically for neighbors and cachers to walk in to the property. The gate is not sturdy enough to climb on, so please keep the kiddies from trying!

The sign at the gate. (If you hadn't already read the cache description before arriving, now you know!)

This cache is located in an established clothing optional area (though footwear - at least sandals - is recommended). Not only CAN you cache in your birthday suit without worrying about offending anyone, it's actually encouraged here. (In fact, what's the point of driving all this way and not going natural?) You won't freak anyone out walking naked to or from the cache.

Since a 1994 Florida Supreme Court ruling, simple nudity is legal in Florida if it is not accompanied by lewd behavior. While some individual counties and cities have passed their own draconian antinudity laws, Polk County (where the cache is) has not.

This has become a "milestone cache" - several cachers have celebrated by coming here to do their cache # 100, 200, 2000, etc. Cachers have come great distances from land and sea to find this cache. (So far, no one has skydived or landed an ultralight to find it.) As they'll tell you, it's good, clean fun. (Of course, you don't have to wait for milestone.)

As the clothing optional name implies, you don't have to do this cache naked. You can stay dressed, but then it's just an average cache. Here's your chance to be natural in nature in a safe, friendly setting. There has been some good-natured ribbing going on, but let's not criticize those unwilling to try the cache naked. Similarly, if you choose to do this cache clothed, just log as a regular cache. Please spare everyone the excuses (too cold, no one there, someone there, etc)

No stealth is required here - the owners are geocachers too. Stealthy behavior will just make you look suspicious.

Please park in the mowed parking area on the left of the driveway, being careful not to block either gate.

While you can walk naked from your car to the cache (and some have), it would be a good idea to hike to the 1st waypoint (next to the white shed) before disrobing. This will still give you a good 'naked in nature' experience without potentially shocking some stranger who might be turning around at the driveway.

There is a clothes rack at the waypoint (a peg with coat hangers, just out of view of the road - and out of view of the house, for any shy folks). The gate here is always left "ajar" for cachers to walk around

From the waypoint, you can pretty much follow the most obvious jeep trail till you're near the cache. (Watch for small animal tracks in the sand).

Steel Gate Waypoint

True nudism is squeaky clean and family-oriented. There is no open sexual behavior. However, many parents would not understand or believe that (pretty much those who have not actually experienced nudism). Anyone doing this cache may see the owners or other cachers naked, so I can't approve of minors doing this cache alone. If you are under 18, you must be with a parent or guardian.

Please no night caching here! (The dogs are loud.)

Since we recognize that many people are shy about their nudity, we try to allow cachers their privacy when they go back to the cache (it doesn't mean we're shunning you). If you want to stop and chat, have someone work your camera, etc., just knock on the door. (We do shiftwork, but someone is usually available).

The dogs will probably bark at you. (They are fenced, so don't worry.) If someone checks on the barking, just wave and say you're geocaching or hold up your GPS.

Gallery pictures are part of the fun, but be aware that geocaching guidelines prohibit visible genitalia or posterior cleavage (in the U.S. anyway - some other countries get to show a little more in their geocaching galleries).

Photoshop, imaginative 'shields', or strategic body placement at shutter time all work wonders. Pictures revealing too much will be edited or removed from this site. (You can email me for ideas of places if you want to post those pictures.)

Someone has left a photo album in the cache itself, and since anyone retrieving the cache has been properly notified by the sign, there are now several 'Alumi" unedited photos in it.

And please no underwear or negligee shots, and no sexual inuendos in the logs or photos. - that's not this cache is about.

Near the cache is a campsite that is available free of charge. You may use it respectfully like you'd want someone using your property (don't cut live trees, don't leave fire unattended, do bury human waste at least 6 inches deep, and pack out what you pack in - standard primitive camping stuff), and please don't disturb the Native American (Dakota) sweat lodge site.

There is little shade, so if you camp, you will need to set up a tarp, or you can camp when the weather is cool. If you camp au naturale, don't forget to use sunscreen. Water is available at the house.

I also have a 20 acre wood 3 miles from the cache site which is also great for naturist camping and has lots more shade.

To make camping arrangements, contact kw4gt here.

Additional waypoints
Symbol Type Coordinates Description
Parking area --- Please park to the left of the main driveway gate, without blocking the driveway.
Trailhead --- There is a steel gate with coat hangers where you may leave your clothing while walking to the cache. It is out of view from the road, and just out of view from the house.
Additional hints
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The Sign
Welcome to Owasso Shalom
The Changing room
wi nk
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