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Dead Drop Cache 2 - You Win! - OU08E8
A USB connection with the ability to read and write to text files are required.
Besitzer: sfcchaz
N 39° 07.250' W 76° 35.342' N 39° 07' 15.00'' W 76° 35' 20.52'' N 39.12083°  W 76.58903° 
Höhe: m ü. NHN
 Region: Vereinigte Staaten > Maryland
Cacheart: Sonstiger Cachetyp
Größe: Kein Behälter
Status: Archiviert
Versteckt am: 2015-08-22
Erstellt am: 2015-08-22
Veröffentlicht am: 2015-08-22
Zuletzt geändert am: 2019-05-19
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2 Bemerkungen
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315 Aufrufe
2 x bewertet
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Kid Friendly  Available in Winter  Poison Plants  Snakes  Ticks  Thorns  Stealth Required  Special Equipment Required  Listed on OCNA Only  Quick Cache  Bring Your Own Pen  Dead drop USB container  Contains Advertising  Zum Loggen wird ein Passwort benötigt! 

Bitte beachte die Erläuterung zu Opencaching-Attributen!
Beschreibung EN

First things first. Please Do Not Take the Thumb Drive. When I placed this cache, there was only one .txt file on the thumb drive. You accept all responsibility for accessing the thumb drive.

Although the description page states that there is no container for this cache, there is. It is a medium camouflaged pill bottle. I was not confident in cementing this into an object and having it work due to the wear and tear of mother nature. On the thumb drive you will find a text file named: Dead Drop Cache 2 - You Win! The log book for this cache is contained in that text file. There is also a "log password" within the file. Please take note of it. This is my second Dead Drop cache I have placed. Hope you enjoy it. Please share any constructive criticism you may have.

There is either a personal pathtag of mine or $1 coin for the FTF cacher.


Verschlüsselte Hinweise

HCF ng ybar gerr jvgu uvqqra YC

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