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Going on a Cache Hunt - Sept 2015 - OU0911
Hunting Some Alternative Site Geocaches
Owner: DudleyGrunt
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > Maryland
Cache type: Event
Size: No container
Status: Archived
Event date: 2015-09-27
Date created: 2015-09-02
Date published: 2015-09-02
Last modification: 2015-11-15
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Snakes  Ticks  Thorns  In the Woods  Munzee  Limited Hours 

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Description EN

Wincopin Trail
Savage, MD
2 PM - 5 PM

Download Trail Map

Here is an event you won't see on that other site.  We will be focused on OpenCaching North America and TerraCaching hides, but there are a couple other caches along the trails we could stop at - one of which was hidden by fellow OCNA and TC cacher, cycleangela.

The event will also be listed on TerraCaching as TC89SB.

I've set the event coords back on the trail to emphasize the fact that this event is a cache hunt, not a meet up in the parking lot before the cache hunt.

Please be at the listed coords by 2 PM.  I'll likely arrive at parking by 1:30, if you want to walk back with me.  We will start our hunt promptly at 2, but two of the caches are very near the listed coords, so even if you're running a little late, you should be fine.

I figure that primary target for this event will be folks who are newer to OCNA and TC or at least haven't found these caches.   Or if you're the own any that aren't mine (chaz), come along for the fun and take the opportunity for a maintenance visit. 

Check out the nearby OCNA caches and the links to the TerraCaches and other before coming out.  You might need to solve a puzzle or two.  I own some and found others long ago and don't necessarily have the final coords handy.  Plus, won't it be more satisfying if you solve them yourself before going out?

Be sure to check the link below to find other caches nearby on OCNA.  If you would like me to send you a GPX file of the caches we will hunting and some of the other alt caches in the area, please let me know and I will send you a combined GPX you can load to GSAK or directly to your GPS or phone.

TerraCaches on Wincopin Trails...

Altar of Rock - Classic (traditional)

The Little and Middle Patuxent Confluence - Classic (traditional)

Other nearby TC hides you may want to also do...

Why Not? - Classic (traditional)

Maryland Center of Population Benchmark - Virtual

Prime Wincopin Groundspeak caches we might want to do if people need them...

It's All About the JOURNEY - Puzzle

Where's Chick? - Part 2 - Puzzle

Whos Cache - Puzzle

Ther are also a number of Munzees along the trails if you're interested.

I'll be hosting a standard meet & greet starting at 6 PM not too far from the trails, so plan to come out to it, too, and share your stories with ohters.  I will plan to be back at parking no later then 5:30.

We may not have time to do all these caches, but will do our best.

Afterwards, I hope you will be able to attend my meet and greet at Pepperjacks.

Hope to see you there!


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Maryland Geocaching Society

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Parking area --- Park here and hike back to posted event coords.
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