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Co-Exist at ECP - OU0A2E
A multi platform Co-Exist event in Tonawanda
Właściciel: Mr.Yuck
Lista uczestników
N 43° 01.262' W 78° 49.957' N 43° 01' 15.72'' W 78° 49' 57.42'' N 43.02103°  W 78.83262° 
Wysokość: m n.p.m.
 Województwo: USA > New York
Typ skrzynki: Wydarzenie
Wielkość: Bez pojemnika
Status: Zarchiwizowana
Czas: 1:00 h    Długość trasy: b.d.
Data rozpoczęcia wydarzenia: 2016-10-08
Data utworzenia: 2016-09-18
Data opublikowania: 2016-09-21
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 2016-10-06
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Oceniona jako: b.d.
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Opis EN

Co-Exist: "exist at the same time or in the same place." Co-Exist events are most commonly associated with Munzee Events, where has a bad attitude, and is in need of an attitude adjustment regarding Munzee. This is a Flagstack event, A Munzee event, and of course a Geocaching event listed only on The idea for this event was born when I won a Flagstack $70 value event package in August 2016 Team Battle. One could even say it's primarily a Flagstack event. Flagstack has gone out of style around here, but I'm bringing it back, baby.

This event will take place in Ellicott Creek Park in The Town of Tonawanda on Saurday, October 8th, at 1:00 PM. As far as the Munzee event, the host is not going to drop a crazy amount of money on that. Don't be expecting a custom badge or anything. What will we have?


  • The standard 100 event pins (greenies, bascially, 50 ft. apart)
  • 20 Mystery Virtuals
  • CoExist Badge, although most probably already have it.


Your host won a 100 Party Flag package. These will be deployed at the start time of the event, and Flagstack (not your host) automatically deploys them within a 3/8 mile radius. Active for 24 hours. I do suspect they'll drop a few on Sweeney St. in North Tonawanda, across the Canal from the Park.

  • 50 Green Flags (8 points apiece)
  • 25 White Flags (10 points apiece)
  • 25 Oracle Flags (6-40 points apiece)
  • Co-Existing Games Badge


  • You get to post an attended log to this very cache page.
  • You get to thumb your nose at The Frog.
  • Free 5th Anniversary Pathtag, although most probably already have one.
The location within the Park has changed, although the old one only appeared on the listing, and only for a couple of days. Munzee and Flagstack both have had the correct location from day one. Not getting a lot of love on this listing, but there are 10 attendents signed up for the Munzee event 48 hours out. C'mon down!
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