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The Grid comes to OCNA
Właściciel: TermiteHunter
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Wysokość: m n.p.m.
 Województwo: USA > North Carolina
Typ skrzynki: Tradycyjna
Wielkość: Mikro
Status: Zarchiwizowana
Data ukrycia: 2017-07-26
Data utworzenia: 2017-07-26
Data opublikowania: 2017-07-26
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 2018-06-04
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watchers 1 obserwatorów
445 odwiedzających
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Few places to hide a cache here but it is right there in front of you.


In True TermiteHunter Style this one is in clear view of all that pass by regularly.

Just LOOK OUT when retreiving the cache. You should be safe but one never really knows.

This is another now archived cache that has been recreated and brought over to OCNA. The previous incarnation was short lived so you may not have seen it and I hope this one is here for a while


I have created a new method for sub-container placement for easier access and more durability. Only the sub-container with the log is removable, the host should stay put where it is.

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