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A Troll's Quest - OU0C24
Owner: Vkylin
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > California
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Micro
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 2019-04-06
Date created: 2021-09-19
Date published: 2021-09-20
Last modification: 2021-09-20
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Cache attributes

Bring Your Own Pen 

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Description EN

This cache is not at the posted coordinates. You will only get trolled by going there.

On April 6, 2019, various forum boards were bombarded by a message from a user named "Enigma." The message is below.

We are looking for smart individuals. To find them, we have devised a test.

Q29uZ3JhdHVsYXRpb25zIG9uIG1ha2luZyBpdCB0aGlzIGZhci4gU29sdmUgdGhpcyBxdWl6IHRv IGdldCB0aGUgY29vcmRpbmF0ZXMuCkEuIFRoZSBmaXJzdCBkaWdpdCBvZiB0aGUgY29lZmZpY2ll bnQgb2YgdGhlIHNlY29uZCB0ZXJtIG9mICg1YSs1KSBzcXVhcmVkLgpCLiBUaGUgYWJzb2x1dGUg dmFsdWUgb2YgdGhlIGZpcnN0IGRpZ2l0IG9mIHRoZSBzZWNvbmQgdGVybSBvZiAgKGErNSkoYS01 KQpDLiBUaGUgdmFsdWUgb2YgcCBpbiB0aGUgZm9sbG93aW5nIHByb2JsZW06CkpvaG4gYnV5cyBi IGJvb2tzIGZvciAkOS41MCBlYWNoIGFuZCBoZSBidXlzIHAgYm94ZXMgb2YgcGVuY2lscyBmb3Ig JDYgZWFjaCBhdCB0aGUgYm9va3N0b3JlLiBIZSBib3VnaHQgMTEgaXRlbXMgaW4gdG90YWwgZm9y ICQ4MC4gIApELiA1IHRvIHRoZSBwb3dlciBvZiAwIG1pbnVzIDEuCkUuIFRoZSBjb25zdGFudCB2 YWx1ZSBvZiAoeCs0KSh4KzgpIG1pbnVzIDI0CkYuIFRoZSBzcXVhcmUgcm9vdCBvZiB0aGUgZmly c3QgdHdvIGRpZ2l0cyBvZiB0aGUgdm9sdW1lIG9mIGEgc3BoZXJlIHdpdGggYSByYWRpdXMgb2Yg Mi43IG1pbnVzIDEuClNvbHZlIHRoaXMgYW5kIGdldCB5b3VyIGNvb3JkaW5hdGVzLg==

Check out this hint that may help you.

This should be all you need to know to get to the cache. The coordinates are N 37 41.ABC W 121 54.DEF

For problem f, you first solve for the volume of the sphere and subtract one. Then you find the square root.

You can validate your puzzle solution with certitude.

Additional hints
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