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PawPaw in the Open - OU01B4
A great hike
Eigenaar: zstatman
N 28° 31.651' W 80° 52.806' N 28° 31' 39.06'' W 80° 52' 48.36'' N 28.52752°  W 80.88010° 
Hoogte: meter NAP
 Provincie: Verenigde Staten > Florida
Cache soort: Traditionele Cache
Grootte: Micro
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Tijd: 2:00 h    Lengte: 4.50 km
Geplaatst op: 2010-12-04
Gemaakt op: 2010-12-04
Gepubliceerd op: 2010-12-04
Laatste verandering: 2016-03-01
1x Gevonden
1x Niet gevonden
3 Opmerkingen
watchers 1 Volgers
350 x Bekeken
1 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: n/b
Cache attributen

Kid Friendly  Available in Winter  Snakes  Ticks  Thorns  Listed on OCNA Only  Wachtwoord nodig om te loggen! 

Lees ook het Opencaching attributen beschrijving artikel.
Beschrijving EN

The Canaveral Marshes Conservation Area is one of many located in Florida. There are several trails around the area and numerious wildlife there to see - Birds, snakes, wild black pigs, gators, and even cows.

Depending on the time of year, hiking the area can change significantly as can the appearance of Florida's national bug. Hunting is not suppose to take place in the conservation area, but there could be hunting down near the St Johns River, as always be alert when out in the wild! Depending on the season, you could hit some water and mud, be prepared for that.

The cache: You are looking for a white laminated tag with the log code. GZ is very near a well-known now archived geocache The PawPaw Cache and the nearby Terracache

Before you go, be sure to look into stopping by the several other caches around the Marsh.

The time and distance involved greatly depends on which trail you take as well as the time of the year.

Have fun and be safe

Extra waypoints
Symbool Soort Coördinaten Beschrijving
Parkeerplaats --- Only access point. RV park is private!
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