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Ellicott Creek Park Frolf - OU02C6
Who doesn't love Frolf?
Owner: Mr.Yuck
N 43° 01.214' W 78° 49.918' N 43° 01' 12.84'' W 78° 49' 55.08'' N 43.02023°  W 78.83197° 
Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United States > New York
Cache type: Multicache
Size: Regular
Status: Archived
Time required: 0:30 h    Distance to travel: 0.50 km
Date hidden: 2011-06-30
Date created: 2011-06-30
Date published: 2011-06-30
Last modification: 2015-08-20
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Cache attributes

Thorns  In the Woods  Limited Hours  Listed on OCNA Only 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

What is Frolf? Frisbee Golf, of course. It's more commonly known as Disc Golf. But lets face it, calling it Disc Golf is not funny. Calling it Frolf is. I suppose Dolf is kind of funny, but not as funny as Frolf. I'm sure you've seen one of these things before. This is a Disc Golf "Hole". It seems to be usually called a goal or a basket, but we're going to call them holes for the purposes of this cache.

The Coordinates at the top of the page will take you to a kiosk, or sign, if you will. This lists sponsors for the 18 holes of the Ellicott Creek Park Frolf course. There are always at least 1 sponsor per hole, and a maximum of 5. You just need to do a little work looking at the sponsors for given holes to figure out where the end cache is, a lock-n-lock container that I'd describe as just barely a normal sized, as opposed to small size. The end cache coordinates are in the format:.

North 43 01.ABC

West 078 49.DEF

A = The number of sponsors of hole # 15
B = The number of sponsors of hole # 2 MINUS the number of sponsors of hole # 1
C = The hole number that is sponsored by NRDG
D = The hole number that is sponsored by Alan and Justin
E = The number of sponsors of hole # 13
F = The hole number sponsored by Andy and Chris

The end cache is well under 1/2 mile away. You can probably drive your vehicle within about 400 feet of it. But why not walk it like a Frolfer would? No crazy bushwacking is required!! Look for a way in, there definitely is one. Once you find this easy way in, this is a very simple traditional hide in the woods I'd describe as 1 star difficulty, assuming my coordinates are good. Please re-cover well, as there is some kids "teepee building" activity in the woods. And don't worry about all those 3-leaved plants near the cache, they're wild raspberry, not poison ivy. Trust me.

Additional hints

Zhygv-gehaxrq gerr, pbirerq va onex.

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