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It's A Shame - OU0008
A small cache in what could be a really nice area
Besitzer: glorkar
N 44° 01.318' W 88° 33.566' N 44° 01' 19.08'' W 88° 33' 33.96'' N 44.02197°  W 88.55943° 
Höhe: m ü. NHN
 Region: Vereinigte Staaten > Wisconsin
Cacheart: Traditioneller Cache
Größe: Klein
Status: Archiviert
Versteckt am: 2010-04-01
Erstellt am: 2010-08-18
Veröffentlicht am: 2010-08-18
Zuletzt geändert am: 2011-09-23
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1 Bemerkungen
watchers 1 Beobachter
196 Aufrufe
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Bring Your Own Pen  In the Woods 

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Beschreibung EN
This cache is not trackable friendly!

A place with great potential, it just needs a little help. Terrain is a little rough and the area around ground zero can get a little soggy. Please step carefully.

I've always enjoyed finding some place off the beaten path where I can relax and listen to nature. It's even better when you can find an oasis like this in the city. When I'm feeling stressed, this is a great place to hang out.

Why the name "It's A Shame?" This place could be perfect if not for one giant issue. Apparently it is an unofficial trash dump. When you are walking to this cache, just look around and see what humankind has done to Mother Nature. This cache gives everyone a chance to do a good deed. Please, please, please help CITO this place. Even a couple of pieces will help. Maybe some day there will be no evidence of the sad state this place is in.

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Qba'g "syvc" bhg vs lbh pna'g frr guvf pnpur evtug njnl.

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