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The Walrus - OU00D1 Cache van de week
A Tribute to Octopus Garden
Eigenaar: TermiteHunter
N 35° 06.300' W 80° 42.820' N 35° 06' 18.00'' W 80° 42' 49.20'' N 35.10500°  W 80.71367° 
Hoogte: meter NAP
 Provincie: Verenigde Staten > North Carolina
Cache soort: Podcast Cache
Grootte: Klein
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Geplaatst op: 2010-09-28
Gemaakt op: 2010-09-28
Gepubliceerd op: 2010-09-28
Laatste verandering: 2017-07-07
19x Gevonden
3x Niet gevonden
22 Opmerkingen
watchers 11 Volgers
604 x Bekeken
16 x Gewaardeerd
Beoordeeld als: uitstekend
2 x Aanbevolen
Deze cache is aanbevolen door: rvstauff, therapaint
Cache attributen

Listed on OCNA Only  In the Woods 

Lees ook het Opencaching attributen beschrijving artikel.
Beschrijving EN

The Walrus

An Opencaching Exclusive

A Tribute to North Carolina's Oldest Cache: Octopus Garden

    Hidden on 9/30/2000, Octopus Garden is North Carolina's oldest cache.  It was originally a moving cache first placed by Iungionis.  With the changes at, it is now stationary and maintained by AdventureTom.

    In commemoration of Octopus Garden's origins I have placed this, the first moving cache on and in North Carolina to be released on the 10th anniversary of Octopus Garden.

   I will attempt to keep the coordinates updated with It's current location but read the logs to verify the last placement. 

  The original location for the Walrus was near the current stationary Octopus Garden coordinates at  N 35° 09.633' W 80° 44.148' 


    Once you have found it you may choose to leave it in place or take it with you and place it somewhere else.  Should you remove the cache when you find it please mark an "X" with chalk in the area so that anyone that follows will know that The Walrus is already on the move again.  Please keep the cache in a wooded area of Mecklenburg County and be sure to return here to post new coordinates.


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