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Milk Creek - OU0B72
A remote virtual cache for experienced canoeists (whitewater class II-III).
Proprietar: nh82
N 64° 47.891' W 132° 40.416' N 64° 47' 53.46'' W 132° 40' 24.96'' N 64.79818°  W 132.67360° 
Altitudine: m
 Zonă: Canada > Yukon Territory
Tip geocutie: Virtuală
Mărime: Fără cutie
Stare: Ready for Search
Timp necesar: 360:00 h    Distanţă de parcurs: 300.00 km
Data ascunderii: 2019-09-03
Data creării: 2019-08-16
Date published: 2019-09-03
Ultima modificare: 2019-09-03
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Dangerous  Special Equipment Required  In the Woods  Trebuie să introduci parola pentru a scrie această însemnare! 

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Descriere EN

The terrain rating is 5 because of the 300/520 km long canoe trip required to visit this location and the difficulty rating is 5 because of the need of advanced canoeing skills. Special equipment required: a floatplane (to take you and your canoe to the Duo Lake, N 64° 29.900 W 132° 06.100), a canoe, camping equipment and enough food for surviving 10-15 days in the wilderness. The food and any chemicals should be packed in airtight containers because of the presence of bears.



The Snake River originates in the Werneke Mountains near Duo Lakes, where it begins as a shallow stream. It is accessible only by a floatplane. After landing in the lake and unpacking the gear, there is a 2+ km long portage from the lake over the ridge and down to the river. You might want to visit a very lonely cache, GC5C7DJ "Duo View-O", while there! From that point it will be either a 10-day, 300 km journey to Taco Bar (where you can be picked up by a floatplane) or a 14-day, 520 km journey to Fort McPherson (from where you can drive back on the Dempster Highway). This location is some 75 km down the Snake River from the Duo Lakes.

Milk Creek is one of the tributaries of the Snake River. There is a good camping site right before the confluence of the Milk Creek and the Snake River on the left (looking downstream) bank of the river. It is hard to miss, since the water of the Snake River is perfectly clear until the Milk Creek stains the river with white glacial run-off. This is also the place where you can make a day trek up the Milk Creek canyon to have a good look on Mount MacDonald.

While taking photos of the mountains I noticed something strange: a reflection from something made of metal caught my eye, on top of the cliff near the tree line:

I went up to see what that object was and found out that it was a memorial plaque.

Your first task: get to the confluence of the Milk Creek and the Snake River and climb up to the plaque. On the left column, there are 11 lines of text. Find the second word on the seventh row of the left column. That will be the logging password (case sensitive!). Please do not post any photos of the plaque online!

Your second task: get to the confluence of the Milk Creek and the Snake River and ask your canoeing buddy to take a photo of you (your face does not need to be visible) at the exact spot where the milky white stream meets the clear river. Alternatively you can place a personal item of your choice on the top of your canoeing helmet at that same exact spot and take a photo of it. Include that photo in your log. My own photo below:

Happy canoeing!


[Be aware that you may encounter bears on your trek to Mount MacDonald. We did!]

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