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5136 2014-08-20 17:42 sundrops260 (user activity11) - Found it

Just a quick walk a few hundred feet from work at lunch time... Now let's see if I can find a few more of these downtown soon

3004 2012-07-28 19:15 Rayman (user activity93) - Found it

With the new Froggy cache nearby, I thought I'd take a stop over here to grab this one and maybe a few more. Pretty dead downtown today, which is sort of surprising considering the Garden Walk is this weekend. TFTC.

2858 2012-07-14 16:30 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Found it

3433.  Got one of the few good parking spots and made a quick find.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

2731 2012-07-08 21:32 Mr.Yuck (user activity231) - Found it

Yep, still there during the Taste of Buffalo. Predictably, there was a couple sitting within 3 feet of it. I could see it, but really had to investigate further to see the code. They seemed like a nice early 30's couple, so I walked right up to it. They said "excuse us", and I said Oh, I'm just looking at this thing there. Don't steal it or anything! (with a smile) They may or may not have checked it out closer after I left, but I went back almost 2 hours later, and it was still there, as I was sure it would be. Definitely a nice historic location for a BIT, thanks for placing it.

2395 2012-04-28 22:31 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Found it

Number 18 of 22 for the day. Weekends would be the best time to plan your tour. There is plenty of free parking in the general vicinity. I have never stopped to look at any of the monuments in Buffalo. Thanks for giving me incentive to vist. SF7

2372 2012-04-28 14:33 jhauser42 (user activity9) - Found it

I wanted to find at least 1 this morning before heading out and this was the one I happened to pick.

2351 2012-04-28 01:42 Cayuga Crew (user activity80) - Found it