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 Log entries The Ellicott Square Building    {{found}} 6x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 0x  

5168 2014-08-29 17:02 sundrops260 (user activity11) - Found it

Yeah second bit and a few more points for the August challenge

4274 2013-10-06 19:11 Mr.Yuck (user activity231) - Found it

This friggin'  took me forever to find with the tall buildings downtown messing with my Maggie. I'll guess I spent about 20 minutes walking around. Not a big deal, I was waiting for Sears at the McKinley Mall to open to pick up a lawnmower. Yeah, I know that's nowhere near downtown, but this BIT was on the way from Tonawanda, if I took the waterfront route, which I did. Impressive building, and belieive me, I saw it from many angles wandering around like a kook. TFT Bit. Laughing

3149 2012-08-13 17:04 Rayman (user activity93) - Found it

Ah, the building in which I work. Way back in college, my class took a tour of several downtown buildings, the Ellicott Square being one of them. I thought how cool it would to work in such a beautiful amazing building. A year later, I got a job not only working in the building, but working for the owner!

And since I work for the owner, I've gotten to explore the bowels of the building. Each time I go in the basement, I try to find any remnants of the old Vitascope Theater, but I'm pretty sure everything is gone. There is one spot that is amazingly done, especially considering it's a basement.

As for the BITcache, I can't believe I've walked past it probably a couple dozen times and never noticed it. That's a good placement on this one.

2860 2012-07-14 17:05 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Found it

3436.  Really felt like a late Sunday afternoon, driving around the city, today.  I was wondering where everyone was.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

2397 2012-04-28 22:35 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Found it

I thought this one was to be the last BIT cache for the day but Mr. Yuck had to go and publish one more as I was getting ready to go to the event. I really enjoyed my day and tour of the city. I have a few more to grab in the area so I am looking forward to another vist. Thanks for all the new caches and a fun day! SF7

2364 2012-04-28 08:04 Cayuga Crew (user activity80) - Found it