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6014 2015-06-13 10:11 GOF (user activity77) - Archived

Cache was archived.

5095 2014-08-11 21:09 Mr.Yuck (user activity231) - Didn't find it

This is a strange one, for sure. A DNF by an admin of the site (who went there twice), but yet a couple finds after that by non-regular users of the site. And of course the latest DNF by Borst. I didn't see anything, and I did note the DNF that said it was "14 meters out".

5040 2014-08-04 21:52 Borst68 (user activity61) - Didn't find it

Couldn't come up with this one.

4532 2014-04-27 22:18 ShellnPat (user activity1) - Found it

4087 2013-07-21 16:27 Laveduds (user activity1) - Found it

I really need a new GPS.  Had me 14m off for a while, finally expanded my search and got it.

2845 2012-07-14 10:00 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Note

Did stop back by in the daylight and still couldn't find it.  May need to be checked.  I can send photos to  show all where I searched.

2806 2012-07-12 23:20 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Didn't find it

Missing?  It may have been the dark (though, I did have a flashlight), but I could not find it.  I did find one sign just leaning up against the fence.  Not sure if was supposed to have been on the back of that one, but there was a strip of what could have been the remains of some tape.

May get back by to double check, befor I leave town.

Happy Trails!

2346 2012-04-27 19:44 Cayuga Crew (user activity80) - Found it

found it