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 Log entries Dudley Comes to WNY    6x 4x {{log_note}} 2x   Show deletions Show deletions

3077 2012-08-08 14:46 DudleyGrunt (user activity632) - Archived

Cache was archived.

2999 2012-07-27 19:48 DudleyGrunt (user activity632) - Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.

2812 2012-07-13 16:15 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Attended

The Brew Pub is a great place for an event. Thanks Dave for setting this up wile you visited the area. Nice to see every one have a bite and a few beers. 

2810 2012-07-13 09:48 havocgeo (user activity22) - Attended

It was sure nice to see everyone tonight. Nice meeting Dudley and having the pleasure to chat for a bit. See you all on Sunday.

2795 2012-07-13 02:04 Mr.Yuck (user activity227) - Attended

Awesome! 10 attendees on an event listed 10 days out. We just have to get everyone to log, that's all. And not post notes, instead of attended logs. Laughing Great to see everyone, and set up the Sunday hike to Big Kahuna's (and half-Kahuna's) in Niagara Falls.

2794 2012-07-13 00:23 Barbershopdru (user activity12) - Note

Thanks for the invite and the event<br />

2811 2012-07-12 23:59 Rayman (user activity93) - Attended

I was a little late in arrival (darn traffic on Main Street!), but stayed later to make up for it. It was great seeing Dudley again, and of course some of the best local cachers around. Thanks for making the trip up to our OCUS hotbed and thanks for hosting at one of my favorite places to get wings.

2788 2012-07-12 22:04 MickEMT (user activity12) - Will attend

I'll be there.

2885 2012-07-12 19:13 MickEMT (user activity12) - Attended

Had a great time at the event, glad to get the chance to meet Dudley, thanks for hosting!

2803 2012-07-12 19:00 DudleyGrunt (user activity632) - Attended

A good crowd and good times. I was great meeting (1st time or again) everyone! Thanks to all who came out!

GOF and MickEMT ended up standing in the parking lot, talking until just about 11 PM!

Best line of the night was from GOF, "...when I first saw skirts, I didn't even know you could lift them up." This, just as a group (family?), including one young woman, had come out of BBP and was passing us by. All, we (MickEMT?) could say, was "It's not what you think." One of the guys said, "We don't think anything."

Happy Trails!

2703 2012-07-03 21:53 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Will attend

Since I posted this on the local forum I better RSVP. See you there

2701 2012-07-03 18:37 Rayman (user activity93) - Will attend

I was informed of the visting DG last night over a couple beers with Mr.Yuck, and poo-pooed his idea of an alternate location for the event, so I suggested the Brew Pub. Can't go wrong here! I'll be there for sure.

2700 2012-07-03 17:19 Mr.Yuck (user activity227) - Will attend

No problemo here on a Thursday. As a matter of fact, it's Mrs. Yuck's late night at work (and her only one every week), so I won't even get in trouble!

2699 2012-07-03 15:24 Borst68 (user activity61) - Note

I'd love to attend but I will be out of state on vacation that week.  Have a great time.  The Brew Pub is one of the places my wife and I have frequented over the last 20 years.  Enjoy!