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4103 2013-07-30 01:51 Mr.Yuck (user activity229) - Found it

I deleted DudleyGrunt's OC team comment, as it doesn't appear to me the description is "cut off", and has been fixed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Smile I just followed the arrow to this one from Downtown, not using the map, and thought maybe that was a mistake, and I would not know how to get there. Took a guess, and it turned out to be correct! The BIT is rather weathered, but still readable. Took a picture of it, and I think no one is going to randomly stumble on that logging code! TFTC.

3273 2012-08-21 14:30 TommyGator (user activity244) - Found it

WTF (Whatta Thoughtful Find)!  With the new OCs appearing in the area, Mrs T. and I headed over to Xenia on an Opencaching Run, with this being my first find of the day.  Parked nice and close, sauntered over, spotted the BiT, grabbed the info, and was off, after stopping for a few moments to enjoy the view.  Mrs T. and I do like biking the local trails, and Xenia is certainly a hub for that activity.  TFTBiT!

3218 2012-08-18 02:39 Bernoulli (user activity31) - Note

Congrats to Grey-n-Red on another OCUS FTF!!! Cool Banner in place...

3217 2012-08-17 18:47 Grey-n-Red (user activity10) - Found it

I don't know, looks like a UFO to me from here. I forgot to bring a camera, but I think if it truly is a UFO they would frown upon that. My fancy phone isn't fancy enough to read the barcode. I don't think it is. Another FTL (first to log) or FTF is this case. TFTC