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10062 2022-07-14 12:55 Wanderlust705 (user activity1) - Didn't find it

I came to Bare Oaks today to try and find the cache. I’ve never done anything like this before other than skinny dipping. It was a fun experience and I would definitely come back for another visit. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the cache. My gps kept telling me that it was another 25 metres off the trail. There was lots of overgrowth which made it difficult. The mosquitoes weren’t helping much either. Hopefully I’ll be back another time to enjoy more time here and find the cache. Thanks for the experience.

9838 2021-08-02 17:56 Dadndaughter (user activity24) - Found it

Found this morning on a nice sunny day. Trail has not been fully cleared yet this season so the last 30 meters was a small bushwack. Lots of mosquitos so the spray repellent was needed. Cache is in good condition despite not being found in the past 3 years.

8614 2018-07-11 19:48 redoak1953 (user activity11) - Found it

Great experience!  First timer for this type of adventure. Highly reccommend....TFTC and hospitality, wish I lived closer!!!

4885 2014-06-14 19:41 gadgetChris (user activity1) - Found it

TFTC<br /> # 179<br /> 14 June 2014 15:41 found with my nexus 5 using c:geo.<br />

6501 2014-06-14 14:31 JCFreddy (user activity2) - Found it

Found it with GadgetChris.

But the musqitos found me too. Cry

4554 2014-05-03 15:30 DedicationPiece (user activity1) - Found it

Had a fun time looking for this cache. The area was pretty wet, so I think this one would be a little better if I waited until it got warmer.

4090 2013-07-24 04:17 s0urch3rry (user activity1) - Found it

It was a very bizzare experience.  I dont know if i would do it again or not.  I was very nervous about doing it the whole drive to it, but I got up the courage and just went with it.  Otherwise it was not a bad cache.

4091 2013-07-23 14:30 p1nch3erry (user activity1) - Found it

This was a great cache that took alot of... moxy.  I am very impressed with s0urch3rry as he took the chance and trusted this would be ok.  He is young and wasn't sure.  We did it together.

The staff and people were great.  Very helpful, welcoming, and understanding.  I would encourage other open minded people to give it a try.

After we sprayed for bugs, it got easier.  On the way out we swam to wash off the deet.  It stormed a bit.  Even got a few souvineers from the store. 

This is truely a one of a kind for us so far.