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 Log entries GWP: The Creepy Red Trail Bonus - The Final Chapter    {{found}} 9x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 2x Photo 2x Gallery  

3629 2012-12-02 21:24 Borst68 (user activity61) - Archived

Cache was archived.

3628 2012-12-02 21:23 Borst68 (user activity61) - Note

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

2828 2012-07-13 17:00 recommendation DudleyGrunt (user activity632) - Found it

3412.  After making the finds on GWP:TCRT #1 and #2, I headed to this one.  Cache as in great shape and well hidden / secured.  I took nothing and left my wooden nickel.  

Thanks and Happy Trails!

Pictures for this log entry:
GWP:TCRT Parking - Trailhead
GWP:TCRT Parking - Trailhead

1552 2011-09-07 01:31 recommendation sfcchaz (user activity396) - Found it

We are in this area on a mini vacation at Niagara Falls. Of course with vacation comes caching. This was the fifth of nine OCUS caches today in the area. As I eluded to in the previous log, I thought that perhaps the final would be in the direction of the car, but no such luck. The trail for this series was great and thanks for placing the caches. I recommended this cache (in effect recommending all three in the series) Wink.  I left a personal pathtag. TN TFTC
Pictures for this log entry:
One of those creepy trees.
One of those creepy trees.

1316 2011-07-14 16:32 Cski (user activity11) - Found it

Found the other two caches this morning and zeroed in on the bonus soon after.  All the caches in this series are in great shape!!!  Nice, dry and tucked in nice and secure.  Thanks again for all of your time Borst in placing these caches and getting me out to this little nugget of nature!!!

913 2011-03-16 23:59 Borst68 (user activity61) - Note

Spring maintenance complete.  Cache is ready for 2011!Cool

290 2010-10-31 21:10 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Found it

What an enjoyable day! A personal tour of Gulf Wilderness Park by the CO him self! I very much enjoyed the hike and chat wile we walked the trails. I still cant get over the rock walls here. The red trail wasn't to creepy even on Halloween, with the leafs off the trees and good conversation. I will have to get back to this place soon. Very nice meeting you today Borst, and a very big Thanks for the Cache!

Cache on! SF7

235 2010-10-11 12:10 Szuchie (user activity20) - Found it

Well, all good things have to come to an end - but I’m really thankful that this OC lives, because otherwise I may never have visited this amazing section of park. I loved the nice hike, which was further enhanced by the fall foliage and the many different awesome sights I was able to check out along the way. Like the rest of the series, the coords led me right to the cache and in short order I was happily signing in, proud of my accomplishment. It’s the little things that I chalk up as win-win these days. Haha.

Either way, Chicky and I felt this was our favorite cache of the day as it got us into the woods far away from the hustle and bustle and showed us a superb nature trail. Thank you Borst for putting this together, it was a wonderful experience!


221 2010-10-09 02:30 Rayman (user activity93) - Found it

Since I was headed south on the red trail, I ended up stopping off to find the 2nd leg of the froggy site multi before finding this one. Once I found that and didn't find the 3rd leg, I hopped back across the creek and up to the red trail once again to finish this mini series off. Stumbled around again for a few minutes before I was able to find this nicely hidden cache. Great little series here. Nice job!

183 2010-10-04 03:52 GOF (user activity77) - Found it

Where did you find all the chipmunks to guard these caches? I didn't know there were that many in the whole state.

Thanks for a nice hike on a cool sunday afternoon.

154 2010-09-25 18:06 Atmospherium (user activity36) - Found it

This was a fine Autumn afternoon for a walk in the woods. Thanks for placing this series!

151 2010-09-25 07:35 Cayuga Crew (user activity80) - Found it

After completing the first two caches along the trail I had the info necessary to locate this the final chapter.   As was the case with the first two caches in this trilogy the coords were spot on and made for an easy find.   Each cache in this series was found within 10 feet of my zero.   Coords just don't get much better than that.

Of course I grabbed the Geokret as it was the fist one I have ever seen.  Now I'll have to either find or create a place to put it.


All in all these three new OCUS caches provided for a nice littel hike on a Saturday morning.  Thanks again for placing them.